Our durable acrylic window panels make a sound investment. Literally. Our window panels to create noise reducing windows that mean fewer distractions and more productivity. Less noise and fewer disruptions means better focus and higher productivity thanks to noise reducing windows.

Keeps the indoors in and the outdoors out.

Less sound. More savings.

At Ogle, we believe reducing outdoor sound can benefit everyone. In fact, our sturdy acrylic window panels create noise reducing windows that decrease disruptive noise by up to 90% and are far more effective than installing thicker windows, shades, blinds or film. This dramatic reduction in sound makes for a more peaceful and productive working environment; your employees and guests will enjoy the noise reducing windows every day Even better, Ogle has acrylic window panels that make for a money-saving investment for you. As a less-expensive alternative to installing all-new windows, our impact-resistant acrylic window panels pay for themselves in less than two years, thanks to energy savings of 15%-25%. All so you can save more and hear less with noise reducing windows.